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What do I need to do to qualify for Loyalty Banking?
All you need is an active checking account (known as your anchor account) and you are automatically enrolled.

How do I move up from tier to tier?
The more you bank with us and your deposit and/or loan balances increase, the higher the tier you will qualify for, automatically.

When do I move from tier to tier?
We look at your balance 3 business days before your statement cycle date and those are the balances used to determine the tier you qualify for.

How did MSB know what accounts to put in the Loyalty package?
We pulled all accounts where you are a primary owner. If there are other accounts that are titled differently that you feel should qualify, please let us know.

Do you receive something that tells you what tier you’re in?
Yes. A letter introducing the loyalty package and benefits will be sent to all enrolled customers within 30 days of enrollment. If a customer changes tiers, a letter will be sent describing the new benefits or the risk of losing benefits.

If you use online banking, can you see what tier you’re in online?
Not yet. As of right now, communication is done through standard mail and in-person at any of our branches.

What is an active checking account?
An active checking account is one that receives direct deposit each month or has 5 ATM/debit transactions each month. A debit could be any combination of checks, ACH, transfer, bill pay, point of sale, and debit card transactions.

What is an Anchor account?
The Anchor account is your primary, active checking account. This is the account that qualifies you for our Loyalty Banking program.

Does your Money Market Account qualify as your Anchor account?
No. Your Anchor account must be a regular checking account, such as Free Checking, Interest Checking, or 18/65 Checking.

What if you do not have a regular checking account with MSB?
If you don’t have a regular checking account, you can’t qualify for Loyalty Banking, but we would love to help you get there! Ask how you can open up a checking account with us, and how we can make the switch easy for you.

Does Loyalty Banking change your statement cycle date?
No. Statement cycle dates will remain the same.

Can other people be added to your Loyalty Banking package?
Yes. Any customers with the same mailing address can be added into the package. This would include immediate family members living in the same household.

Does this mean any person included in your Loyalty package has access to your accounts?
Not necessarily. If a person is not a signer/owner of an account, they do not have access to any account information or funds. Being in the same package only means all account balances within the package are combined to get you better benefits.

Can anyone be incuded in your Loyalty Banking package?
All members of a package must share the same address. All adult family members must give us verbal permission to be combined into a package together. For example, if the adult family member is a child (18 years or older) of the package holder, the adult child must give us verbal permission to allow his/her accounts to be placed in the parent’s package. Remember, this adult child could qualify for their very own package with an active checking account.

Who do I call with questions?
You can call 508-481-8300 and ask for your Branch Manager or the Operations Department. Or you can learn more at the Loyalty Banking section.